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Tarot for Consciousness | Signed and intended book

Tarot for Consciousness | Signed and intended book

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«The spaces that I have found to develop the Tarot for Consciousness have the grace of being ephemeral , spontaneous , unique and, at the same time, eternal . It has happened to me to be in the middle of a solar return ceremony or finishing reading a poem in a class and notice how my body responds energetically because the messages of the cards unleash the inner power in all of us, they are a reminder that that force "Always remain open and awake to our call."

In these pages, I share my vision and knowledge of tarot, while inviting you to create a link with the cards, to find that healing space that shows you your own spiritual path.

This book also works as a guide for the EL CAMINO tarot course, where we review the major arcana in depth, from their origins to their symbols and interpretation.

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