Spaces for deep connection and collective energy

The sacred space in Tarot for Consciousness celebrations is sustained by the human energy that surrounds it.

Know all the options:

birthday ceremony

Solar Return

Celebrate another year of life in a deep connection session with the people you love most.

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Union ceremony

Alliance of Life

Celebrate your commitment or make your union with a ritual of love and conscious reflection.

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CEREMONY of new life

Greetings to the World

Celebrate with your tribe and as a community open a portal of welcome and love for that new little person.

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Cleansing ceremony

Vibe Change

Reboot the energy and give a new course to the vibe in your home, your business or workspace.

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closing ceremony

Honor and Farewell

Honor the loss of a loved one's physical presence with a ritual to celebrate their transcendence.

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special ceremony

Unique celebration

Express your gratitude for any life event or gather your tribe for a special moment.

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Frequent questions:

How much do the celebrations cost?

The cost varies depending on the type of event, the location and the number of guests who will participate in the ritual or ceremony.

The cost is modular and can be adjusted to your budget.

How many guests can I have at my event?

In reality there is no pre-established limit, in my experience I have performed ceremonies for family groups of 3 people, rituals for friend groups of more than 15 people or union ceremonies with more than 50 guests.

Can I celebrate anywhere in Mexico?

Of course, as part of your initial information I ask that you tell me the location of your event, so that everything is considered in your budget.

I will send you the proposal in a presentation with options and more details aligned with your budget